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Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier
Now you can order the famous Robert Collier Letter Book in soft cover, hard cover or 3-ring binder. Arguably, the number one recommended book on sales letter writing and writing copy in general.

Copywriter Protege Program
Coaching program that trains you to become a professional copywriter -- i.e., someone who knows how to write persuasive copy ("words") for ads, web sites and sales letters (among other things) and make as much as $5000.00 or more per assignment.

Copywriting Course
The video from my Copywriter Protege a whole bunch of bonuses that'll make your mouth water.

AdSecrets Marketing Letter
This is the site for my ezine, which is now a BLOG that you can access here. Please sign up anyway at the main site. That way I can notify you when something new is posted.

Internet Marketing Seminar
The official site for my annual Internet Marketing SuperConference seminars in Las Vegas.

Carl Galletti Recommends
This is the place to get my recommendations on various Internet marketing resources.

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
Here is where you can get a free copy of the famous advertising classic, Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.

Guide to Affiliate Programs
Get your FREE Affiliate Web Site here. It comes preloaded with affiliate programs.

Affiliate Program Search Engine
Your very own search engine for all the best information products on the net. Plus, you can earn money with it by distributing it to others..

Clickbank Product Search Engine
Exlusively features products that can be purchased and downloaded instantly. Lots of great information products with a powerful search capability. Order them at any time of day or night and get them delivered instantly.

Internet Sales Builders
111 Bite-Sized, Power-Packed Tips and Strategies To Help You Close More Sales On Your Web Site Now.

FREE Fonts
258 Fonts you can get for FREE. Need an unusual font to attract attention for your new ebook cover or whatever? Here's the place to go.

Publishing Success
Site dealing with publishing activities

Valuable Publications
Site for VALUABLE publications
Here's a specialty search engine that will give you some amazing results.

Diet and Weight Loss
We all need to lose some weight, no? Here's the best ebook on the subject.

Internet Marketing SuperConference
Another way into the Internet Marketing SuperConference. Plus, if you know the right codes, you can get a whole host of things from this one. Try and you'll see what I mean. Not all the secret codes are numbers. In fact, most aren't.

Business Events
A list of seminars, workshops and conferences where I'll be speaking in the near future. Get exclusive bonuses by signing up for them from this site.

Carl Galletti Home Page
This site -- an index to all my web sites.

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